What Are the Steps in a Drug Detox Plan?

The very first and most integral part to anybody’s recovery from substance dependence is drug detox. Detox is a shortened word that actually stands for detoxification. During this time period of a person’s rehabilitation, they are trying to rid their body completely of the poisons in them. In many cases of severe addiction, this stage is not pretty and can lead to death if an addict is not carefully monitored.

While detoxification is always the first step to recovery, this stage has its own set of guidelines because it can be a very precarious time for the patient. The first stage associated with detox is making the decision to get assist. Once the last bits of drugs have been in the addicts system, they will be calm enough to begin detoxification. Most lovers will need to check themselves into a rehab center to complete a detox.

After the decision has been made and detoxification has started, the next and worst stage of this process is withdrawal. Withdrawal is a term that is used to describe the different actual and psychological effects that slicing of a drug has on the body. For more severe drugs, people need to be weaned off these substances because the shock of their absence can actually kill someone.

Once the initial withdrawal period is usually finally over and the patient is of sound mind and body, it is important to remain drug free. This will be hard, especially for long time drug customers as residue from drugs gets stored in fat cells. By checking up on the detox program, people can function to cut down the storage of this materials with a healthy diet and exercise.

Also with the detox program, it is important to highlight the different substances that a person is dependent upon. There are different sets of guidelines for people battling heroin addiction compared to for alcohol, cocaine and other medicines. It is important to be open and honest when checking into one of these facilities so that doctors, nurses, and other support staff members can aide a person through their detoxification.

Steps in a drug detox program include making the decision to seek help, withdrawals, counseling, residue removal in the body, and keeping doctors knowledgeable of someone’s situation. Each one of these tips will aide someone in their endeavor to getting the most adequate help offered. A detox program is the most essential part of the recovery process and should be monitored by professionals in serious cases
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