Installing Landscape Sod

Website situations: Select the proper sod for your location, a variety that will survive by means of the wintertime and summer months. An further number of inches will be additional to your landscape, as sod parts carry about one particular to two inches of soil together with the grass blades. When getting your sod, verify to see if sod pieces will have any troubles developing in your present soil.

Soil amendments: You may require to utilize soil amendments to your landscape just before laying sod. The ideal pH for laying sod ranges from 6. to 7.. Fertilizer and soil amendments these kinds of as limestone really should be adequately combined with the initially six inches of soil. Top soil also desires to be additional at a 6 inch depth, as the soils are inclined to settle all over five inches.

Grading and drainage: You do not want any sitting drinking water in the landscape location you are installing sod. The ground needs to be correctly graded to allow for sufficient percolation. Slopes really should be graded appropriately to immediate any h2o circulation absent from sidewalks, home foundation, and decreased lying regions in your landscape. The final graded area should really be smoothed and rolled in excess of, creating an even area for suitable set up.

Sod Set up: Your landscape must be weeded ahead of any new sod set up. Be thorough to eliminate all weeds specifically those people with seeds after laying down sod. The best time of 12 months to install sod features late summer months to early fall. Test not to put in sod all through the heat of summertime, if not observe the sod items for any wilted or scorched blades.
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Make certain the sod items are lively and wholesome. If you can’t install sod right after delivery, unroll the stacks in a partially shaded spot and make sure they are saved moist throughout warm temperatures. Preferably, the sod must be sent and installed within just a 20-four hour period. Well prepared soil need to be flat and moderately moist just before last installation. Rows of sod can be placed edge to edge and staggered from every seam line, equivalent to laying down a brick sample. Soon after installation, sod need to be watered and authorized to dry. Once sod is dry, sod pieces should really be compressed insuring roots adhere well with the soil.